The Pittsburgh Urban Gardening Project

The Pittsburgh Urban Gardening Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people in ways to live healthy, sustainable lives.  We plant, grow and harvest fruits and vegetables around Pittsburgh with the goal of turning city streets into healthy eats.


Founded by Brett Wilps in the summer of 2013, the Pittsburgh Urban Gardening Project is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to making the city of Pittsburgh healthier and more sustainable. We sponsor gardens all over the city and host volunteer events for all ages. If you’d like more information on any of our volunteer events please be sure to fill out an informational form for one of the garden locations most convenient for you.


Encourage you, the citizens of Pittsburgh, to eat local, healthy food making our city more sustainable.  

By teaching you to plant, grow and harvest your own food!!!  

If we take control of our food supply, we eliminate the the worry of residual chemicals in/on our food, unknown genetic modifications and the wasted energy used to transport to local grocers.  Plus, "planting your own food is like growing your own money."  It is cost effective for all classes and demographics.  Whether you have an acre of land or a pot of soil, all it takes is a little training and know how to become a self-sufficient gardener.  Not to mention the fact that gardening has proven physical, mental and psychological health benefits.

By volunteering!  The Pittsburgh Urban Gardens Project is a non-profit organization.  The way we survive is through your generous donations of time, supplies and land.  We need you!  You can volunteer to:

  • DONATE SOMETHING - We need a lot of things, and we are not above begging. Have some land you want to donate? Great! Otherwise what about hoses to keep the seedlings hydrated, hay bales for the most urban of our urban gardens, shovels, hoes, rakes - anything to keep us from using our hands, and of course, the essentials: SEEDS, TOP SOIL, SAND, COMPOST. To be honest, we aren't picky, you can donate money too.

  • PLANT SOMETHING - Gardens don't plant themselves. Last year we planted at six (6) different locations totaling nearly an acre of land. This year, we expect to have twice as many gardens. Twice as many gardens means twice as many seeds and twice of many of you! Volunteer to lay some mulch, dig some holes, plant some seeds, and see what happens. Oh and after we plant them, we'll need some help with watering, weeding and regular garden maintenance, so bring your shades, a bottle of water and get ready to get tan because we have gardening to do.

  • HARVEST SOMETHING - What's more fun than a cold beer at Sandcastle on a hot summer day, you ask? I know... going back to that garden you helped plant and maintain and seeing those little seeds all grown up, real life vegetables... that you and I can eat. Don't get me wrong though, you can certainly help harvest even if you didn't plant, but it just might not be as fun.

  • WORK AN EVENT - Don't want to get your hands dirty, but love fresh veggies. That's fine by us! We hold a number of events throughout the summer including a farmers market, dinners, etc.

  • DO SOMETHING WE HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF YET - So we're smart, but probably not as smart as you. How else do you want to help? Just let us know!